I started investing in blockchain projects in late 2013 although I had been familiar with bitcoin since mid 2011. I started this blog to talk about my ideas on blockchain technology and opportunities in new projects since people frequently ask me about them.

I like investing in projects for the long term and consider myself a value investor. I learned value investing from working in Wall Street, reading Benjamin Graham’s book Security Analysis, attaining the Chartered Financial Analyst certification, and my own experience investing in the stock market in the aftermath of the financial crisis. I believe blockchain projects have intrinsic value that can be discovered through rigorous analysis of the industries they are disrupting and hence one can evaluate the potential rewards of some projects and profit from them by being an early investor.

I believe my approach to investing in blockchain projects is not very popular nor widely known, mainly due to the fact that financial analysts are usually not knowledgeable of game theory or software development to be able to read source code and understand the algorithms underpinning these projects. Fortunately most of my experience working on trading in Wall Street has been as a software engineer.